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Parent - Student Handbook

Dear Parents:

You have chosen to send your child to St. Leo’s School.  Selecting a parochial, Faith-based Roman Catholic education is an enormous commitment for your child and you. St. Leo’s students are held to a very high standard of academic excellence and behavior. Parents are expected to monitor homework, be observant of your child’s friends and relationships be vigilant in keeping your child out of harm, and serve as role models in attendance at the sacraments.
In addition, there should be a clear understanding that behaviors have consequences. Should discipline be necessary, parents are expected to support administrative decisions so that a child learns when a poor choice is made. For the sake of your child, resist seeking the easy solution.

When a child is excused from the consequences of his or her behavior, s/he learns that everything is negotiable and the rules of society do not apply in his/her case. Ask yourself, “What type of adult will my child become if I excuse him/her from all consequences?”

As we move forward at St. Leo’s, changes will occur that will engage children and enhance learning. Ideally, classroom participation will include more collaborative and group work.

Working as a team, the other students in the class will be depending upon one another. Realizing this, it is even more important that your child arrives at school on time, prepared, self-disciplined, and that absences are minimal. St. Leo’s is a wonderful school– the teachers are creative, dedicated and enthusiastic and the children should be excited to attend. With a spirit of cooperation, it will be an exceptional year.

Please, embrace the changes, encourage a joy of learning, be patient, be slow to criticize within and without the community, and expect the best!

Peace & Blessings,
Miss Traci Koval, Principal

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Parent - Student Handbook