Attached you will find the following:
  • A School Climate Survey – now that we are almost half way through they year, we would like to give all families an opportunity to provide their feedback.  This survey will close on 1/28/2022, so please make sure to complete it by then.  For families with multiple students, you will be able to answer one survey or you can do one per child.  The survey is anonymous if you chose, or you can opt to share your information and/or request a call back regarding your answers.   Results will be shared with families by mid-February.
CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY – https://forms.gle/btryeAdQSvrgKaeaA
  • St. Leo’s Church 50/50 information sheet – 50% of proceeds will be shared with SLS, so please consider participating.
  • Paw to the Wall fundraiser is still going, attached is an order form if you need it.
  • Updated quarantine rules from the Bergen Department County of Health (yes, they changed again).  Please read carefully regarding who is required to quarantine.  I have attached the original document from the Bergen County Department of Health for your reference as well.
Thank you as always and have a wonderful week!

• Persons ≥ 12 years old who completed a primary series of COVID-19 vaccine AND have received  all recommended vaccine doses, including boosters6 and additional primary shots for some  immunocompromised people.

• Children 5-11 years old who completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccine. • Persons who had confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days (positive viral test).

Who should quarantine?

Individuals in the following groups who had close contact with someone with COVID-19 DO need to  quarantine and should take additional precautions during and after quarantine:

• Persons ≥ 12 years old who completed a primary series of COVID-19 vaccine but have NOT received a recommended booster shot when eligible.

• Persons who are not fully vaccinated (haven’t completed a primary vaccine series).

St. Leo’s Church Raffle Quarantine Timeframes_01_14_2220221801