6th Grade Science

While you are home, please work on your packets. I chose chapter 7- Plate Tectonics because I thought you might be interested in it.  It is pages 188-219. Once we are done with plate tectonics we can get to earthquakes. Some students have reached out and shared with me that they have the wrong quizzes. If you have the wrong ones I will email you the correct ones. You should have two quizzes entitled, “The Theory of Plate Tectonics” and “Deforming the Earth’s Crust”.  The packet is for two weeks. Last week you should have answered the questions and done the direct readings. This week you should do the quizzes, vocabulary activity, chapter review and test. It is open-book.
Pace yourself, and know that you should be working about 20/25 minutes a day on science. If you need to stop and continue the next day on the same assignment, that is fine. The packets will be due to me when we return. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.
I will be sending you a lab that goes with the curriculum that we have been doing in class. Please know that if you don’t have some materials at home, you can substitute others. Look around your homes. If you don’t have the materials then you can skip it or just read it and imagine what would happen. When you finish it, take a picture or video and send it to me. I would like to see your work.
Please pay attention to the news at least once a day. Chose a reliable source, not Facebook or Instagram. Scientists have come up with a mixture of Malaria medicine and a Z-pack of antibiotics to stop the virus. We will see if this will be our ticket. The scientists and doctors are working very hard to find a solution. They say it will take a year to be positive, but I believe the solution will come out much faster.