7th Grade Social Studies


7th Grade: complete all work on google docs.

Chapter 7:  Lesson 2: Forging a New Constitution pp. 184-191      March 30-April 3

Part I

1.Read and take notes on pages 184-191  include all vocabulary words.

2.Complete questions 1-5  # 6 Your answer should identify key points in the Great Compromise

3.Make a chart:  write what each of the following framers contributed to the Constitutional Convention.

  •  George Washington

  • James Madison

  • James Wilson

  • Edmund Randolph

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Gouveneur Morris

Part II.  Virtual Field trip to Constitution Center in Philiadelphia, PA


Watch the following videos and write facts (bullet points)  for each video. Click on the video to view.

  • Constitutional Convention: A Tour of Signers Hall

  • The Bill Rights- List the Bill of Rights

  • Separation of Powers

  • The Legislative Branch

  • The Executive Branch

  • Judicial Branch

All work is be sent to me via email/share with google docs to review and grade.


  • Read Chapter 7 Lesson 1

  • Define vocabulary words


     Answer the following questions:

  1. Look at the Capitals of the United States chart p. 177:

  1. What was the first capital of the United States?

  2. Why do you think the United States had so many different capital cities during the period shown?

    2. What powers did Congress have under the Articles of Confederation?

    3. What were the weaknesses of the Articles?

    4. What might be  the result of Congress not having power to tax?

    5.  What was the Ordinance of 1785?

    6.   What did the Bill of rights in the Northwest Ordinance include about religion and slavery?

    7.  Look at image of settlers on page 181:  Think about how life was for the settlers moving into new territories.

Write a letter from as a settler to a relative explaining what life is like in the territories, including any challenges the settlers faced.

     8.   What were Continentals ?  What does it mean that they depreciated?

     9.  How did  the weaknesses lead to financial issues for the Confederation government?

    10. Why were the Great Lakes a strategic location for forts?

    11. Why was an agreement with Spain blocked by Southern states?


  • Complete p. 183 Lesson 1 review  questions 3-6


Share/email completed assignments by Thursday 3/26/20  pamato@stleosschool.org  Assignments will be graded.