Kindergarten (Paskas)

Luckily, everyone already has the emergency packet with all the work required for this week (I believe it’s pages 21-40). The list of educational websites that I sent out last week is also posted on the school website if you would like to check them out!
Attached to this email is a “Color by Code” file with a few optional coloring worksheets based on numbers, sight words, and word families. I know a lot of the students love to color so I figure this is a perfect way to color while still learning! Also attached to this email is a “Ladybug Number Set” with number cards that can be printed and used to play math games or practice math skills. It is completely optional– I just want to make sure everyone has things to do if they would like! There is also a flyer attached that has information regarding food resources.
This afternoon I will be sending individual emails to everyone with a few books at your child’s reading level! You can print them out and have your child practice reading both independently and with assistance. My goal is to have everyone reading at a level C or D by the end of the school year and reading everyday with your child is a great way to help us achieve that!
If you have any questions regarding anything or would like extra activities for your child, please let me know. Everyday I continue to find new resources online that I will share throughout the upcoming weeks.
Enjoy your day and stay safe!