Pre-K 4


Say the Pledge and Hail Mary every morning

Write your name three times, and do two go noodle activities

  • Write Alphabet (upper case and lower case)
    • Here’s challenge for you: NOW TRY TO WRITE THEM BACKWARDS!
  • Practice numbers 13-19
    • Write the number in the middle of a blank paper. Draw the amount around the number.
      • (Example: The number of the day is 14- draw 14 flowers)
    • Practice sight words with a memory game:
      • Write the following words on an index card or piece of paper to play.


  1. am
  2. to
  3. the
  4. and
  5. red
  6. you
  7. in
  8. but
  9. at
  10. no
  11. my
  12. blue