Happy Wednesday!!!!

5/13 $2.00 Donation for Dress Down

Proceeds will go to 8th-grade mural project

5/16 Dress Down and Ice Cream for Ukraine

$2.00 Donation for Dress Down

$1.00 for Ice Cream

5/17 Seussical the Musical – 7 pm – Tickets are still available

Please drop off your garage sale items ASAP. The last day to donate is May 12th!!!!
A few new items this week (see the attached flyers):
  • Barn Hill Preserve – Assembly – May 19th PERMISSION SLIP MUST BE COMPLETED TO ATTEND ASSEMBLY!!!!!!! Slips should be sent to your homeroom teacher either by paper or email. Photocopies and scans are acceptable. 
  • Protecting God’s Children Class available to all SLS families (this free course is required if you want to volunteer or be a Class Parent)
If you are an active Saint Leo’s Parishioner and plan to qualify for the parish discount for 2022-2023, please be sure to pick up your envelopes at the church by the end of the week.
We LOVE the support we are getting for all of our fundraisers and events, but we can use your help.  If you can please write separate checks/venmos for your orders, it would be greatly appreciated.  We understand it is more convenient to write one lump check, but some items are HSA, school, or outside vendors and it is very helpful to have individual payments. Also, please make sure your information is filled out completely on all order forms. Thank you!
Housekeeping Tips:
Please remember we are a nut-free school, so please do not send any nut products with your students for lunch.   Also, the weather is finally becoming nicer, please make sure your children have a refillable water bottle to keep them hydrated.
Ongoing fundraisers:
  • SLS Wristbands
  • Shoe Drive Fundraiser
  • HSA Open Meeting – May 19th (see flyer)
  • SLS Family Multicultural Slideshow – To help celebrate multiculturalism next month, we are inviting each SLS family to create a Google Slide that represents their heritage and traditions.You are welcome to include photos, symbols, and text, but we do ask that you please limit it to one slide. Our goal is to create a slide presentation to be shared at Community Time that showcases the rich history and diversity within our community. Each individual classroom will be researching individual countries, but we wanted to create a schoolwide platform to collectively share our unique, personal connections and experiences.
  • If you need directions on how to create a slide, please use the attached link which provides simple instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYA6GLAzz9A
  • Cookie Dough Tubs Available for purchase

Completed slides can be emailed to slideshow@stleosschool.org

Changes to School Calendar:
May 27th – 1/2 Day (12:15 Dismissal) – FIELD DAY – No aftercare
Summer Camp Registration is OPEN – limited spots available!