Second grade students at St.Leo’s have been introduced to a new part of our ELA curriculum called, Being a Writer. Young students are at the very beginning of their lifelong careers as writers. Throughout the program, read-alouds of exemplary writing stimulate the students’ imaginations and fuel their motivation to write. Reading the story, then reading about the author helps students learn creativity. Afterwards, students use a skill that the author has shared about themselves. 

In our first story, Big Mama, author Drew Crews shared that he walked around his neighborhood and sketched images to help him create his book. After reading the book, the second grade class walked in and out of school. They sketched images that helped them write their own exciting story. After sketching, students began to put a writing draft together. This was an important step, it gave the students the opportunity to explore writing their own story.  Students were experiencing the same exciting way to begin a story just as the author Drew Crews. The students here at St.Leo’s School have never been so excited to write thanks to our new curriculum, Being a Writer.