Community & Leadership Development Through Study


To ensure our students are making the most of their time throughout the day, SLS will
provide academic and social enrichment during middle school study halls moving
forward. Students will still be supported in completing assigned work from their classes;
however, additional skills will be addressed as described.
In the society that we live in today, with the influence of electronic devices that keep
students and adults occupied and distracted, communication skills have never been
more necessary. The aim of this class is to empower students to strive and succeed,
especially in times of hardship, focusing on each student as a whole person, not just as
a scholar. This class will help them to become knowledgeable about who they are, and
what they would like to accomplish in the future. The students also get the opportunity to
learn how to develop their business skills while impacting the world.

What is Ethical Leadership?

When Catholic leaders demonstrate appropriate conduct; with moral values &
principles, they set valuable examples for others around them and accept that their
actions and words are respected. It is very important for students to follow the directives
of these skills, which include: respect, service, justice, honesty, and community.
– Set a great example
– Respect everyone equally
– Open communication
– Fair mediation
– Effective stress management
– Adapt to change
– Zero tolerance of ethical violations

We also are going to be following the “4V Model”

● Values – in order to develop good leadership skills, leaders needs to search for
their own values.
● Vision – this is the ability to frame our actions in real service to others
● Voice – claiming our voice is articulating our vision to others in an unique and
convincing way that motivates others to take action.
● Virtue – behaving in a way that aligns with becoming what we practice and
striving to do what is good.
Along with these key ethical directives, I would like to educate the students about
entrepreneurship, public speaking, civic involvement, & community outreach

Our Community
In order for students to embark on the true meaning and values of leadership, they must
try to help out their community. As SLS teachers, we will ensure that students
understand the meaning of community service, help them get the guidance they need to
discover what to do, something meaningful that gives back to the community where they
were raised