St. Leo’s familes,
The school year is almost at its end and as we draw closer to the end we draw closer to “Field day.”
Field day is scheduled for May 28th. 
The rain date for Field day is June 2nd. 
The school will be split into two teams: TEAM BLUE and TEAM GOLD. 
Homeroom teachers will assign their students to one of the teams.
These teams will compete on field day and battle it out to be crowned the “2021 Field Day Champions”. Students that are online are invited to partake in an in person field day.
Team T-Shirts can be ordered through the order form sent home with students.
Parents are invited to come spectate to the side of the field and/or order a t-shirt for themselves.
If any parents are interested in volunteering/donating for field day please email “” for sign up information.
After the field day activities are completed students will return to school grounds and have a picnic behind the school. Students will need to bring their own lunches. 
Unfortunately due to Covid circumstances parents cannot participate in the picnic.
Field day will start at approximately 9:00 and end at 2:00. School will be dismissed at 2:30.
Dress code: Team T-Shirt with school appropriate athletic shorts and sneakers. Students will need to come to school wearing sunscreen or sunscreen they themselves can apply atschool. (TEACHERS CANNOT HELP APPLY SUNSCREEN)
We also ask that students come to school with their own water bottles (please label them with your child’s name)  Water stations will be available to refill their water bottles.

We are looking forward to a great day!


Field games/Activities (Pre-K3,K4):

1. Bean Bag relay

2. Hoops & Scoops Relay

3. Lacrosse relay

4. Potato sack race

5. Freeze Tag

Field games/Activities (K-7th):

1. Sponge & Bucket Race

2. Cup stacking relay

3. Ball Launch

4. Pizza Box relay

5. Mini Tug of war

6. Water/Refreshment station*

7. Potato sack relay

8. Spoon relay race

9. Shot Put/ Ball throw

10.Hula Hoop contest

11. Three-legged race

12.Water/Refreshment station*

13. Long Jump


● 7th grade vs 8th grade ● 8th Grade vs Teachers