Thank you everyone for being patient. We drew the names for the March calendar raffle winners. Below is the remaining list of winners for March. We will be posting April’s winners next weeks. If you are a winner, you will receive a check in the mail in a week or so. Congratulations to all!!!!
15-Mar Cathy Maravi $25.00
16-Mar Shana Parent $25.00
17-Mar Loretta Esabeme $200.00
18-Mar Drelich Family $50.00
19-Mar Vivian Araujo $100.00
20-Mar Annalicia Lindo $100.00
21-Mar Marlena Balik $25.00
22-Mar Jiayne McLaughlin $50.00
23-Mar Echegaray Family $25.00
24-Mar Joe Leto $50.00
25-Mar Carlos Bardales $200.00
26-Mar Liana Jerez $25.00
27-Mar Monika Gancarz $25.00
28-Mar Rivera Family $50.00
29-Mar Frank Toledo $25.00
30-Mar Novo Family $25.00
31-Mar Jessica Sciscente $50.00