Solar System Science Program
Second Grade
In second grade science, the students have studied the planets that make up the solar system. The students researched each planet in class, and wrote 2-3 facts about each planet. Following the lesson, the students had the opportunity to participate in a fun, creative, and engaging activity while using art to create the planets. Each planet was created with different art mediums. The students used glitter, crayons,  tempera, water color, felt, marble, coffee filter marker spray, and paint. They also used foil and plastic wrap to add depth to the planets and gave them a 3-D effect. Ultimately, each student made their own model of the solar system on their own! The unit concluded with baking Earth cookies in class.
Third Grade-
The assignment for 3rd grade was to become a solar system expert, and create a planet model.

Students researched all the planets in class using technology to complete the Planet Fact book. Students compiled information such as characteristics, location, number of rings and moons, as well as 5 facts they felt were most important. After all the research was completed, using the Carolina Science Program, the students had the opportunity to create their own 3-

D model of a planet at home. After, students returned the models to school, we put the planets together as a team to make the solar system. The unit concluded with baking Earth muffins in class.